JLR Melksham – October

“The box hedging is in…!!”

We continue to make good progress on this project and the team look to be delivering a very high-level quality finish to all elements and our landscape contractor has even planted the JLR box hedge to give it every opportunity to grow before handover! They have also laid the turf and put the planting in to allow it every opportunity to progress though to handover.

Particularly pleasing is the time that our cladding contractor has spent on the ACM panels which has taken more time than all parties anticipated. We always considered that this element had to be left towards the latter stages of the project and we completed the groundworks around the building to ensure that damage would be kept to a minimum.

The site team have ensured that we have heras panels in front of the completed corner sections to protect these areas once the panels have been installed.

Elsewhere externally, we have completed the tarmac to the whole of the site and have started the perimeter fencing. The completed car park areas will now be closed off to ensure the finish isn’t affected by vehicle traffic and site parking is confined to other areas around the site.

Internally, we have been unable to get the electrical supply fitted on this project due to external issues and we have worked off a generator for the duration of this project. Whilst we have progressed all the trades, we have held off the final decoration finish until we have lights fully on. We aren’t prepared to risk quality issues and attempt to finish areas where we only have limited lighting. Our electrical contractor has been extremely supportive in “lighting” up areas to allow the decoration to be properly viewed and snagged where necessary in adequate lighting.

The tiling contractor has worked extremely well in achieving a high level of finish and ensuring that the setting out points are all achieved. Well done to all the team on this!!

If we had been fortunate to have had the power supply fitted back in early September, we would have been able to hand this project over in early November, but we are well on target to provide the Dick Lovett Group an outstanding building on the 4 December.



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