JLR Melksham – progressing well…

Externally the project has reached that point of installing the ACM panelling to the showroom elevations of the building. The team made the decision to delay this until after the bulk of the groundworks had been completed to reduce damage limitation.

Having spent 2-3 weeks installing the background frame, the panels have started this week (14 August) and its proving slow work as we ensure we get it right. Our cladding contractor, Central Claddding are being extremely conscientious in their attention to detail. However, these first panels require two men on the ground to lift a single panel to four men in the scissor lift who then offer the panel to the fixing points ensuring all corners are in line.

Elsewhere externally, the ground works are well on programme and on the 21 August, we tarmac the remaining area of the site to base course which is the area all around the workshop.

Internally, the screed to the showroom was done over a week period at the end of July and we are limited in our access to these areas until it has properly dried out.



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